Grand Capital Hourly Demo Contest

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Grand Capital Hourly Demo Contest

Why Grand Capital Contest?

By taking part in forex demo contests not only you can judge your skills but also you can earn real money or bonus prizes. Most demo contests are free to join so any trader can take part in them without any real money deposit.

Win up to $200 prize by taking part in this Grand Capital contest now.

  • Link: Hourly Demo Contest by Grand Capital

  • Broker: Grand Capital

  • Contest Type: Demo

  • Prizes: 1st Prize $200, 2nd Prize $100, 3rd Prize $90, 4rth Prize $80, 5th Prize $70, 6th Prize $60, 7th Prize $50, 8th Prize $40, 9th Prize $30, 10th Prize $20

  • Duration: 1 Hour (Every Friday From 5:00 pm to 6: 00 pm Terminal Time)

  • Other Information:

    Every trader can take part in the hourly "Drag Trader" demo contest held every Friday. The company staff and their families are not allowed to take part in the contest. The first prize of the contest is fully withdrawable but other prizes require a deposit from the participant to claim the prize. The company reserves the right to disqualify any participant without explaining the reason.


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