ForexChief Contest Fast Warren

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ForexChief Contest Fast Warren

Why ForexChief Contest?

By taking part in forex demo contests not only you can judge your skills but also you can earn real money or bonus prizes. Most demo contests are free to join so any trader can take part in them without any real money deposit.

Win up to 800 ($400 as biggest profit & $400 as biggest turnover) prize by taking part in this ForexChief contest now.

  • Link: Contest Fast Warren by ForexChief

  • Broker: ForexChief

  • Contest Type: Real

  • Prizes: 1st Prize $400, 2nd Prize $300, 3rd Prize $200, 4th Prize $100, 5th Prize $50 (Total 10 Prizes 5 For Highest Profit Traders & 5 For Highest Turnover Traders)

  • Duration: 14 Days

  • Other Information:

    ForexChief is offering 14 days Cent Trading Contest for their clients. This contest registration can only held in cent account. This contest allows you to combine your cent account trading with the contest and win a real money prize. You are allowed to use any trading strategy or any expert advisor. You can only trade on currency pairs, gold, and sliver during the contest. Only one account from one client is allowed to participate. There will be two nominations and 10 prize winners for each contest round.


    How To Join:

    • Open an account with Forexchief or login to your existing account.
    • The account type must be Cent-MT4.DirectFX or Cent-MT4.Classic+ and account currency should be USD.
    • Cent account balance should be 10,000($100) and make sure the account there is no open position, pending order or credit bonus on that account. 
    • Choose your account as a participant. 
    • Start trading and gain maximum profit or maximum trading turnover. 
    • Be a winner and get your prize.


    Winner Selection:

    At the end of each contest round, top 5 traders with the highest profits and another top 5 traders with the highest trading turnover/ trading volume of closed orders will receive real money prize.



    Yes, all the prize money can be withdrawn at any time without any restrictions. Also, you can use your profit funds for further trading to your live account. The company reserves the right to amend, update, or terminate this promotion at any time without any notice. The company also reserves the right to reject the registrations of those clients, who have previously won any prize in any previous competitions, in order to provide the same opportunities to new participants.ForexChief has the right to disqualify any participant if there is a mistrust of abuse of terms.


  • Steve Morison

    Steve Morison

    great contest as the prize money can be withdrawn fully.
    9 months ago